March is Save Your Vision Month

save-your-vision-monthThis March, we are observing the Save Your Vision Month. This event serves to increase awareness about the importance of regular comprehensive eye examination and is sponsored by the American Optometric Association (AOA).

March has also been designated as the Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month and is sponsored by Prevent Blindness America (PBA). The more vision problems employees have, the more medical care they would need, and the more health care costs they would incur. Not to mention the loss of productivity of the employees which translates to loss of money of the employers. Healthy employees make good business. In fact, “promoting eye health in the workplace can save businesses money in the long run. Employers are encouraged to contact Prevent Blindness America for information on the Healthy Eyes Vision Wellness Program, promoting vision in the workplace.

PBA is organizing a call-in event on March 2-4, 2009 to support PBA’s “Eyes on Capitol Hill” referring to PBA’s delegates and representatives who will meet with members of the US Congress and Senate to discuss vision care issues, especially “to increase funding on vision research, prevention/public health programs, and access to treatment and rehabilitation.”

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