Crazy Office Stress Videos

When you get angry in your work environment, it is NOT good. If you see yourself in one of these situations, it’s time to go outside for a walk and some fresh air!

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  1. Frank Price says:

    Why are those people still inside the room? Aren’t those some of the officemates men? Why couldn’t they do something?

    Frank Price

  2. We may find those videos funny but actually they show things that we really must take seriously. Just sayin’ I don’t intend tp spoil the fun! LOL!

  3. These videos are funny, particularly because we have all almost been there at some point… thanks for posting them. These folks do what I would like to do, but don’t have the stupidity or courage to do…
    Thanks again for posting!!

  4. These videos are gut-busting! To work with these guys everyday feels like your doom’s day. LOL!

  5. The videos are hilarious!!
    Seems all of these guys are so frustrated that they are least bother about their work and throwing the monitors on people’s head.

    Loved the 2nd video the most.

  6. funny, almost been there. hahaha!

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