Senator Ted Kennedy hospitalized due to stroke symptoms

CNN reports today 17 May 2008:

“Sen. Edward Kennedy was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital in Massachusetts Saturday morning, a well-informed, prominent Democratic source in that state told CNN. The source said the 76-year-old senator had “symptoms of a stroke.”

The latest update:

“Kennedy was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for evaluation after initial treatment at Cape Cod Hospital…”

CNN reports that he already had his carotid artery cleared last October to reduce the risk of stroke.

Latest update, 18 May 2007:

Sen Kennedy did not suffer from stroke, according to doctors. He is not in immediately danger and is expected to make a full recovery.

CNN reports:

“Over the next couple of days, Sen. Kennedy will undergo further evaluation to determine the cause of the seizure, and a course of treatment will be determined at that time,” said Dr. Ronan, who is Kennedy’s primary care physician.



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