This Arthritis Blogger is Back Online

First, my modem almost went kaput. Then the data network went down the whole weekend. After which, bills needed to be paid pronto. I didn’t want to ruin my weekend and so I procrastinated!

Only to find out later that my inbox is clogged and that I am way behind my blogging schedule.

Please forgive me. 😉

Anyways, I hope my means to get online will hold up. It just sucks when your blogging groove’s momentum is interrupted. It becomes too difficult to get that back to work for you.

Last night, I gave up around midnight and just went to sleep. After lunchtime today, I went back to bed for a nap. Now, I’m raring to go!

But wait, I need to read stuff online first.

Please, come back in awhile…

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  1. Welcome back! I know how frustrating that could be .. for instance, when my own DSL goes down and I call my ISP support line and there is a recorded message that says .. “If you are experiencing problems accessing the internet, please visit www dot blahblahblah .com for more information”..

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