March 20 (Today) is Official Turn of Spring

I’ve just been told by somebody from the U.S. East Coast, that today – March 20 – is the official start of Spring.

Wow. Goodbye winter! Hello Spring! For us arthritics (people with arthritis) is a start of a better season. The time when we can enjoy leisurely walks to the park or to our homes and offices.

Walks on weekends; it doesn’t really matter what time of day, be it early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The point is, with spring, we have all day of the week to stretch our legs. To say goodbye to laziness and ignore our ever dependable couches for long…

That. And your garden. And barbecues. And picnics!! Oh MY! There are just too much outdoor activities to choose from. So, why not un-fuse your butt off the couch for once?! Ha ha ha.

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