Better Late Than Never

I got back yesterday from a week-long vacation out of town. I told Hart I’ll be back 4th February. I was back all right but too tired to get back to this blog. My brain is still on vacation mode as I struggle today to look for leads and squeeze my brain to write anything here.

Anyways, I may be too tired but the good news is that my legs, knees, etc didn’t bother me all this time (from when we left until going back home). I was even able to travel with no other adult in tow. So I guess the therapies are working.

You to can be mobile even with osteoarthritis. In fact, mobility helps those with osteoarthritis. 😉

I promise, I’ll be back here tomorrow.

[Thank you so much Hart for keeping this blog alive last week. Really appreciate that.] 

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  1. Welcome back 🙂 Hope you had a great mini-vacation!

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