Battling Cancer Readers Comment Back

I’ve had the opportunity to make many wonderful friends with Battling Cancer readers who email me.

However, we have another opportunity to foster community discussion at Battling Cancer — our comments!

Here’s what former Battling Cancer readers have had to say recently: 

But by far, my favorite comment goes to the talented and hysterical Julie from Battling Diabetes. After reading “My Personal Status Report,” she wrote:

You know, if my husband had a table full of breats, it’d just mean he was eating a ton of chicken. ;-)

Yes, you’ll need to read the post in order to get the joke 🙂

If you’ve been reading Battling Cancer for awhile but have never left a comment, don’t worry, it’s easy! Just type in a little note in the “What Do You Think?” button underneath each post!  Thanks for listening!

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