THE HART-SERIES: January 20, 2008

Day Nineteen trying to lose weight (Sunday)

Coffee – 1 point
4 Weight Watchers Toast with Peanut Butter – 4 points
Dry Fruity Cheerios Cereal – handfulls for snacks – 3 points
Mini Donuts @2 points each – >> 1/2 of this packet! 24 points
176oz Lean Machine Grilled Chicken Breast – 6 points (168g) diff to dogs as treats!~

> 38 Points, over by 6 points
> 28 splurge points remain

I went shopping today to Sobey’s to get some ingredients for HART’s Famous Pasta Salad and those Mini Donuts looked delicious! I forgot – that each mini donut counts as 2 points however!

Picture of My Snacks For January 20th & 21st


Picture of my Dinner


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