THE HART-SERIES: January 15, 2008

Day Fourteen watching my weight ..

Coffee – 1 point
4 Weight Watchers Whole Wheat toast, with Peanut Butter – 5 points
Melba toast, pack of 8 – 2 points
Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty Bar – 3 points
Organic Salad with red and Green Peppers, and spritz dressings – 2 point
4 Weight Watcher bread, with 100g shaved Turkey with Mayo sandwiches – 6 points
Bowl of cereal, dry as snack food – 4 points

>> Total points – 23 points, under
>> still no splurge points available this week

Hey! Have you tried the Weight Watcher’s Bread yet? Actually .. I was curious what it was like, but basically – it’s half size bread that’s half as thick. So, 2 slices is 1 point. I find I can use less peanut butter and you don’t need as much meats, etc (or else the bread will fall apart).

Picture of my Dinner


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