Scientists Jumpstart Insulin Production In Diabetic Mice

Canadian Scientists Are Shocked

A team of scientists battling diabetes at the Hospital For Sick Children located in Toronto, Canada have surprised themselves with the sudden cure of mice suffering from the equivalent of Type 1 Diabetes. In Type 1 Diabetes, the disease usually appears in childhood and is the most serious out of the two types of diabetes. This latest discovery may permanently change the course of science in the battle against diabetes.

Neurological Connection

The general consensus among diabetic researchers was that Type 1 Diabetes was caused by the auto-immune response of the body. This means that the body was turning itself on and attacking cells. This breakthrough shows that the nervous system is actually the more likely culprit. The study has turned conventional wisdom on its head, providing a brand new window into treatment.

Diabetic Mice Cured Overnight

The team of scientists injected the diabetic mice with capsaicin, the ingredient in chili peppers that causes the ‘hot’ sensation. The capsaicin killed malfunctioning sensory nerves in these mice and the insulin producing islets in the pancreas began actively producing insulin. None of the scientists expected such a reaction, especially in so short a time period. According to the study, the nerves affected secrete too little of a neuropeptide that is essential for the proper functioning of the islets.

What Does The Future Hold?

The team has yet to discover if the treatment will work for humans. There are plans to begin research into the effect on humans as soon as the scientists have confirmed that there is a connection between the nervous system and diabetes in humans. If their theory holds true, human research is just around the corner. There is hopefully potential for a cure for humans.

The “paradigm-changing” study opens “a novel, exciting door to address one of the diseases with large societal impact,” said Dr. Christian Stohler, a leading U.S. pain specialist and dean of dentistry at the University of Maryland, who has reviewed the work.

Source:National Post

Stay tuned to Battling Diabetes for updates on this intriguing and amazing new breakthrough.

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