How Ditching Google Can Help Raise Cancer Funds

The majority of my work day is spent doing some form of internet research. That’s why I was happy to find that Yahoo! had a partnership with the American Cancer Society to help raise funds for cancer awareness, prevention and research funding. Each time you use Search to Fight for your search engine needs instead of Google or another default web site, a significant portion of the advertising revenue raised by visiting sponsored links will be donated to the American Cancer Society.From the Search to Fight website: 

Yahoo! will contribute a significant portion of its advertising revenue generated by your clicks on paid advertising sites that are displayed on your search results page. We ask that you use this site honestly. You should use SearchToFight just as you would any other search engine. If you conduct fraudulent searches, then it will reduce the amount of contributions to the American Cancer Society. Fraudulent searching includes, but is not limited to repeated manual clicks, the use of robots or other automated querytools, etc. 

I would estimate that I use a search engine website about once every twenty minutes when I work and click on a sponsored link at least four times a day. It’s nice to know that a simple substitution can help raise funds for one of my favorite volunteer-run organizations. Make it even easier to raise cancer funds every day, and set Search to Fight as your internet browser homepage! Check out this article on how to do that in Internet Explorer.

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