Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Battling Alzheimer Site!

We Have A New Template!

Welcome to the Battling Alzheimer blog. I have finally updated this blog with the new HART-Empire Network template that I have been installing on all the “Battling For Health” series of sites.

Please feel free to look around and give this template a good test spin, with your comments and rating of existing posts. I have updated a few plugins and have included a super caching plugin that should help speed up the viewing of existing posts and images.

At this time .. I am also excited to announce that a new author will be taking over this blog in 2008 .. and well, I’ll let that writer settle in and provide you with all the necessary introductions and new direction of for this blog .. for those “Battling The Monster: Alzheimer’s Disease

Until then .. Season’s Greetings from HART-Empire Network and all the best for 2008!

Take care.

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