I have rebuilt the Forum for all Battling-Series of blogs

* Battling-Forums.com

The last forum was built on phpBB platform, and quite honestly was getting too spammy for even me! So .. I just deleted it altogther and started from scratch.

With this new forum brings hope of less spam, because it is a bbPress platform, from WordPress.org .. just like this blog! Akismet is enabled inside the forum itself, and that should also help keep it clean. For those who don’t keep it clean, it should be easier for me to boot the riff-raff out of there!

And, hopefully .. this “new” forum can become a nice community for individuals in the future.

I encourage and invite everybody to participate in the forum. Here is an initial guideline of suitable topics that I might suggest be appropriate:

* Stories of encouragement and struggles by individuals ‘battling’ any ‘monster disease’
* Treatment and intervention stories
* Sites who offer treatment, consulting, and therapy for any of the ‘monster diseases’ by the webmaster or recommended by the readers
* Free-For-All on any Health and Fitness related topics


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