THE HART SERIES: Monday Weigh In: Week 6

Monday February 12, 2007 Weigh In

275 lbs

>> UP 1.0 lb
>> YTD down 7.0 lbs


p2130008.JPGI think I’ve got to ask my wife to stop buying me these Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty Chocolatey Almond Bars. The point value is 3 points per bar, but I’m eating them as if they are 2 points and filling up on them. I’ve slowed down on the salads and the oranges. But .. GEESH .. those Pearson Nut Roll Bars that I really like – are 8 points each.

I’m glad that I ended up with 13 unused splurge flex points, because in my mind that was my goal for the week.

Yet, it’s a little disappointing that I’m actually UP 1 lb this week. But, on the other hand .. I should say that I didn’t weigh myself until after 2 cups of coffee this Monday morning. I wonder how much 2 cups of coffee weigh? 😀


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