THE HART SERIES: Counting: February 4, 2007


coffee – 1 point
orange – 1 point
Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty Chocolatey Almond Bar – 2 points


Salad – 0 points
with red peppers – 0 points
with green onion – 0 points
with 14 croutons – 2 points
with 100g shaved turkey breast – 2 points
with caesar salad dressing – 2-1/2 points
with grated parmesan cheese – 1/2 point
with sunflower seeds – 1 point
with bacon bits – 1 point

Snacks during the day

Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty Chocolatey Almond Bar – 2 points
Cheerios – dry, during Super Bowl Game and WordPress blog upgrades – 6 point


Chicken Breasts on George Forman Grill
>> 8 oz. – 8 points
with 1/2 cup Heinz Chicken gravy (New-1 point per 1/4cup) – 2 points


>> Total 31 points
>> UNDER by 1 point

>>> That Heinz Chicken Gravy is delicious! I just put it on slow heat on the stove until it boiled, while the chicken was grilling on the George Forman. I took 2 points, for the amount I used (see picture) but I didn’t really use that much .. I let it soak into the chicken though. Mmmm. Way to go Heinz! I have to stock up on that … (btw – that little can is 4 points)

Picture of my Dinner


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