THE HART SERIES: Counting: February 23, 2007


Coffee – 1 point
4 whole wheat toast – 4 points
2 TBSP Peanut Butter – 4 points



Snacks During the day

Orange – 1 point
All-Bran Bar – 2 points


5 Chicken Fingers (7pt/3pc) – 12 points
Salad – 0 point
with red peppers – 0 point
with 14 croutons – 2 points
with bacon bits – 1 point
with caesar dressing – 2 points


>> Total 29 points
>> UNDER by 3 points – 28 splurge points remain

>> BTW .. I really do count points daily .. even if I don’t manage to post them daily 😀 // it’s always busier for me (offline work) during the last week of each month.

Picture of my dinner

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