Reversing Heart Disease – Rewind Your Life Clock

By Michael Haydon

You can play your part in reversing heart disease by simply making some adjustments to your lifestyle. It’s a simple concept but so many people fail to make the small changes that can have such a massive impact in avoiding heart disease. Avoiding key risks can help you not only maintain a healthy heart but also lengthen your life.

When you put it simply, your heart is a pump that feeds blood through your body and all you have to do is make sure the pathways are clear. This means keeping your arteries clear so the flow goes on unimpeded. Blocked arteries lead to heart problems, heart attacks and death. It’s as simple as that. We have all heard this so many times it can often go unheeded, and that is where the real problem lies. If you maintain unclogged arteries you are actually reversing heart disease and, therefore, healing your own heart.

Reversing Heart Disease – Your Action Plan

It’s all a matter of diet and exercise. If you can keep your diet free of dangerous saturated fats and cholesterol, you will be well on the way to reversing heart disease. There is so much information on diets and tips on how to structure a diet comprising elements of the five food groups, that there is no longer an excuse for endangering your health. Some social commentators have suggested that health authorities can do little more in this regard short of forcing people to eat correctly by admitting them to dieting compounds where food is compulsorily healthy. This tongue in cheek assessment is just another way of saying your life s in your own hands. You can play your individual part in reversing heart disease by following the simple dieting rules available everywhere.

How Exercise Helps

Reversing heart disease is easily achieved if you simply get more exercise. With regular exercise, your heart becomes more efficient. The exercise does not have to be a complicated set of routines specially designed by an exercise physiologist. It can be achieved once again by making a few simple changes to the options you take every day. For example, you could walk instead of taking a bus. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or simply walk around your neighborhood once a day, or just go for a relaxing stroll after dinner.

Surgery – The Last Option

Of course, surgery may be the last resort for reversing heart disease, but in my mind the prospect of surgery should be as great a deterrent as anything you can imagine. Whilst it is something of a comfort to know that surgery can be effective, surely prevention is better than cure. In any case, surgery will only be effective in acute cases and unless the cause is treated then you may face subsequent surgery if you don’t do what we have already suggested. In summary, to be active in reversing heart disease, you have to adopt a twin pronged attack. You just need to diet sensibly and exercise regularly. It’s not the end of the world to do this; in fact it could be the end of your world if you don’t!

Make it your challenge now to do at least one thing every day to get yourself in a strong position where reversing heart disease becomes a natural part of your thinking and lifestyle. Set an example to your friends and family and you’ll bear the boundless fruits of a healthy heart.

Michael is the owner of Your Healthy Heart, the BEST site for healthy heart options and information. You will also find great tips on the best healthy options and action plans for a healthy heart at Your Healthy Heart

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