3 Top Tips for Dealing with Panic Attacks

By Paul Simpson

Once you’ve experienced a panic attack you know that you never want to live through the experience again. While you may continue to have panic attacks, there are some things that you can do to make them less severe, or at least make recovering from the attack much easier. While there are many tips to help you, you must always remember that you are not unique or odd, many people the world over experience panic attacks and you can learn how to deal with them.

Tip 1: A great way to deal with panic attacks is to take some time to figure out why you became so anxious or panicked in a specific situation. If you can determine why you panicked, you can likely calm yourself down in the process with rational thoughts, and you may even be able to avoid future panic attacks that are associated with the same time, place, or specific events. It’s not always clear why some people have panic attacks, but if you can determine the cause you are a step in the right direction toward doing away with the attacks altogether.

Tip 2: In the process of having a panic attack you should sit up straight, and breathe in slowly, and out slowly, until you feel the fear and anxiety passing. The breathing gives you something to concentrate on instead of becoming more panicked because you are having the attack. Breathing slowly and deeply in this manner will also ensure your own physical well being as it will prohibit passing out as a result of the panic attack.

Tip 3: When you begin to feel anxiety that may lead to a panic attack you should stop everything you are doing and breathe slowly and deeply as mentioned above. You should then think of a place or a time in which you were really calm and happy. Allow your mind to concentrate on that time or place and focus on it until you feel the anxiety or fear begin to pass. These are all safe and natural ways that can help you deal with panic attacks. The general idea is to try to relax, think positive thoughts, and then try to determine what has caused your panic attack so you can try to avoid the same things in the future. A panic attack will never be enjoyable, but with these simple tips they can be a lot more tolerable.

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