THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 3, 2007


Coffee – 1 point
Whole Wheat toast, 2 pieces – 2 points
with peanut butter – 1 point


Simply Fit nutrition bar – 3-1/2 points
Pringles 100 calorie – 2 points
Red Delicious Apple – 2 points
with 3 TBSP of Soft Honey for dipping – 3 points


HART’s Famous Hashbrowns and 3 eggs – 16.5 points


>> Total points 34.5 points
>> OVER DAILY POINT BY 2.5 points
>> removed 3 points (I rounded up) from the 35 weekly splurge points, 32 remains.

>>> I felt that I was nibbling all day yesterday, and didn’t really have substance. Rather than have a few points here and there I decided to just make me a decent meal that filled me up, and to hell with the points! (sort of)

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