THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 17, 2007


Coffee – 1 point
Bowl of Cheerios plus refill – 4 points
1 cup of 2% milk – 3 points


Orange – 1 point

Snacks during the day

Orange – 1 point


Dinner in the microwave.
with 6 low calorie Italian meatballs – 3 points
with 6 low calorie chicken & cheese meatballs – 3 points
with 2-1/2 cups of Zen Vegetables – taking 3 points
with 1 TBSP margarine – taking 3 points
Dessert – Low Fat Jello Pudding – entire box incl. 2 cups 2% milk – 8 points


>>Total 30 points
>>UNDER my daily limit

>>> My vegetables tasted better microwaved than they did a few days ago boiled on the stovetop. However, I forgot it was 1 teaspoon of margarine = 1 point .. and I used 1 tablespoon instead. Too much.
>>> Today, I did what I’ve been trying NOT to do – eat once or twice, when I remembered. I know better, but I was “on a roll” with my work and lost track of time.

Picture of my Dessert


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