The Shrinking Pants Theory – Possibly Solved

I was at Walmart today, and I ran into an acquaintance from last year’s Weight Watcher program. He asked me how it was going. I patted my stomach and said something like .. “Oh, you know – it comes … it goes …

Then he just said .. “And, it sure has been coming for me” .. and he patted his stomach too.

After admitting that I was there to buy one of those cheap $6.57 Filing Fan storage boxes for sorting out my unopened mail at home .. it seems he was at Walmart to buy new Jeans because .. his pants were too small at the waist and falling down on him!

Naturally, I asked him how come HE’S the lucky one to have shrinking pants when he’s apparently gaining weight (in his words more or less) .. and that’s where the shrinking pants theory was explained to me (paraphrased here by me):

If you are oblivious to the fact that you are gaining weight, and never loosen your belt buckle or wear larger size pants, your belly fat just moves towards a BEER belly and hangs over your pant waist .. keeping your waist thin and thinner


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