TOPIC OF THE DAY: Battling addiction

Increase funds for treatment

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-New Jersey fully supports Parent to Parent’s “Just A Nickel a Gallon” campaign to dedicate $10 million from Gov. Corzine’s expected $15 million increase in alcohol tax revenue to the Alcohol Education Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund. This fund disburses $11 million annually to counties for addiction prevention and treatment and drunken driving enforcement efforts. This amount has not changed since 1992.


Consumers of beer, wine and liquor would experience a very slight increase as a result of Corzine’s proposal, paying 11 cents more per case of beer and pennies more per liter of wine or liquor. This amounts to $5.85 more per year for the beer drinker who consumes a case of beer per week and $5.20 more per year for individuals who consume a gallon of wine or liquor per week.


$5.85 more PER YEAR for the beer drinker who consumes a CASE A BEER PER WEEK? Hmmmm..


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