Report cites problems at nursing home of slain man

.. The nursing home failed to make sure resident rooms and common areas were free of accident hazards, such as broken towel bars, loose or broken furniture, sharp edges of door plates, and that there was a centrally located water fountain.

State surveyors found other problems, such as ceiling vents with grime and black mold buildup, heating units with heavy dust accumulations, curtains falling off bent rods that were pulling away from the walls, torn chairs, and a “lingering, offensive, stale urine odor” in areas.

.. The report comes a month after the towel bar attack on Mr. Konwin, a 77-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. Mr. Hawkins, 62, who has schizophrenia and dementia, is charged with murder in Mr. Konwin’s death March 24.

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