Family sues police in killing of man with schizophrenia

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol’s investigative report, Heberlie’s confrontation with officers started because he was bothering an 18-year-old woman who was working as an attendant at a Ste. Genevieve gas station. Heberlie visited the station frequently. On the night of the shooting, Heberlie dropped by nine times, gave her flowers and offered to take her to Las Vegas. Heberlie, a paranoid schizophrenic, told the attendant that he had a stick that he could use to control clouds and that he worked with the FBI.

The attendant’s boyfriend called police …

[MORE: STLtoday – News – St. Louis City / County – Family sues police in killing of man with schizophrenia]

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  1. Please help us get Attorney Geberal Jay Nixon to prosecute Officer Coon for failure to follow police procedure and use excessive force as first choice on an unarmed person who had broke no laws.


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