April 12, 2005 – Wow! Everybody’s pissed off – Including me!

I just filled the prescription as prescribed. But – boy oh boy – was Yvonne mad. And, apparently everybody that both she and myself mention this story to. Here is the general reaction from all of our family and friends ..

What – is your doctor a quack or something? He doesn’t ask you to change your diet? He doesn’t ask you to exercise? He doesn’t tell you to change your diet and exercise and come back in 60 days and if you can’t do this on your own he can prescribe a drug like Crestor to help you?

Yes… Just like that, I have to pay almost $2.00 CDN per tablet per day for the rest of my life …

Oh well – I’m on Day 2 already, I paid for the prescription, I’ve taken two tablets … I started this thing – I may as well see if it will do damage to my liver (in case I really do need to take this for the rest of my life)…


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